Tongue and Groove Ceilings

Tongue-and-groove panels offer multiple benefits as a ceiling material. As an alternative to drywall, tongue-and-groove ceilings provide the incomparable look of natural wood with the textured appearance of paneling. At IMG Builder Supply in Tampa, we offer sustainably-sourced, genuine wood, tongue-and-groove panels. Coupled with our caring customer service and commitment to your satisfaction, a tongue-and-groove ceiling may be the perfect choice for you.

Features of Tongue-and-Groove Ceilings

  • Tongue-and-groove ceilings are constructed from a series of wood panels that interlock for complete coverage. 
  • Tongue-and-groove panels can be laid over virtually any existing ceiling, whether it be drywall, plaster, or the bare framing. 
  • Installing a tongue-and-groove ceiling is fast and straightforward when compared to the installation of a drywall or plaster ceiling. This makes the process of revamping your ceiling a manageable task. 
  • Tongue-and-groove panels are constructed from solid wood. The species of tree in which the panels are derived varies; there are many different wood options available to customers.
  • Tongue-and-groove ceilings have a textured, decorative quality that isn’t achieved by other ceiling materials, such as drywall. The natural wood appearance is eye-catching and rustic to bring character to any home. 

Tongue-and-Groove Ceilings from IMG Supply

At IMG Builder Supply, we offer a wide range of tongue-and-groove ceiling options to fit your needs and preferences. We mainly provide materials for this type of ceiling using genuine pine, cypress, or cedarwood panels, but our product selection spans numerous types of wood.

We sell Synergy Wood tongue-and-groove planks at IMG Supply at wholesale prices. These planks are special because they’re designed for easy installation with less waste. With less wasted material from these edge-matched planks, builders can cut costs with Synergy Wood. All of the wood used to construct Synergy Wood planks are sustainably sourced and harvested. What’s more, these tongue-and-groove planks come in a large range of colors and styles to mesh perfectly with any home’s decor. 

IMG Supply is a reliable provider of tongue-and-groove ceilings at exceptional prices. We pride ourselves on efficient, professional service to fulfill your needs. For beautiful, affordable, and easy-to-install tongue-and-groove ceiling materials, IMG Supply has you covered.