Door Hardware

Door hardware is essential for any door to function properly, but the hardware of a door can also contribute aesthetic details that improve the appearance of your home or business. Here, we’ll discuss the different types of door hardware and options you can choose from at IMG Builder Supply in Tampa. You can trust us to deliver not only the best quality door hardware but also outstanding customer service. 

Different Types of Door Hardware


The hinge is essential in allowing a door to swing open and closed. The hinge is jointed and keeps the door secure to the wall while it rotates out.

Hinges come in a variety of designs to perform the same function. Pivot hinge, barrel hinge, and concealed hinge are the main types. 

  • Pivot door hinges use the floor and a lower arm for support. This type of hinge will be secured at the floor and at the top of the door frame. This prevents wear and tear on the door frame and enables the hinge to support heavy doors. 
  • Barrel door hinges are a common type and use a barrel (a hollow cylinder) along with a pivot on either side. This type of hinge is generally secured at three points along the door. 
  • Concealed door hinges, which may also be called invisible door hinges, are completely concealed when the door is closed. The hinge is installed on the interior side of the door. 

Key Lock

With a key lock installed in your door, you can ensure that only people with a key can gain entry to a room or home. The lock for your door needs to be secure and easy to use. Two great options of key lock are a cylinder lock and a multi-point lock. 

  • The cylinder lock moves the bolt to unlock the door by rotating a cylinder. 
  • The multi-point lock functions with one handle and multiple locking points. 

Foot Bolt

A foot bolt is a type of bolt for your door that can be operated by applying pressure with your foot. It’s installed at the bottom of a door and offers convenient functionality when your hands are occupied. 

Revamping your door hardware is a great idea, not only to increase its longevity but also to improve its appearance. Just like when you add a fresh coat of paint to your door, simply installing new hardware can make an enormous impact. At IMG Builder Supply, our expert staff can help you select door hardware to perfectly fit your needs. With our professionalism and commitment to affordability, we’ll streamline the process of selecting new hardware to install to save you both time and money.