Shiplap Supplier

Used to construct ceilings, walls, and building exteriors, shiplap consists of wooden panels that slightly overlap at the edge. The overlapped design provides durability and strength for a long-lasting ceiling option. At IMG Builder Supply in Tampa, we sell budget-friendly shiplap materials that are designed for longevity. We’re happy to offer advice and expertise on shiplap construction and the benefits that it can provide for homeowners. 

What Makes Shiplap Different

Shiplap varies from other types of wood paneling because of the rabbets, or notches, made on the edge of each plank. The rabbet of each board slots over the one below or beside it, creating an overlapped effect. Plus, if a wall or ceiling expands or shrinks, the rabbets provide the flexibility for the boards to space accordingly. This differs from tongue-and-groove planks, which are completely interlocked. 

The overlapped appearance of shiplap makes it unique. While the effect is subtle, it can bring together an entire home, taking a blank wall or ceiling from mundane to eye-catching. Shiplap can make for an easy accent wall or be used to update an entire room; shiplap is a multi-purpose design option that’s growing in popularity. 

Shiplap for Interiors

While shiplap may be used on the exterior of a building for protection against storms and harsh weather, it also offers benefits as an element of interior design. In kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and other areas of the house, shiplap adds a rustic visual accent. 

As a ceiling construction method, shiplap is both affordable and simple to install. The wood panels provide a more elegant look than a typical drywall or plaster ceiling, with the added benefit of durability.

Shiplap Plank Materials at IMG Supply

Shiplap can appear modern or vintage depending on the material used. At IMG Builder Supply, we offer shiplap planks in a range of colors and styles. Genuine wood shiplap panels can be derived from any one of countless tree species, such as pine or cedar. This makes for virtually endless possibilities, and the opportunity for homeowners to select the perfect plank for their home. 

IMG Builder Supply is a trusted provider of shiplap materials in the Tampa Bay area. Our outstanding customer service means that your needs are our priority. We’ll deliver the materials you need with speed and efficiency, helping to make sure that projects like shiplap get completed as quickly as possible.